LEGO® Star Wars Trading cards

Immediate Media has launched the first series of LEGO® Star Wars Trading Cards which are available now in newsagents, supermarkets and other retailers.


The series features 252 regular cards and another 20 limited edition cards, totalling 272.

As part of this new collection, there will be Starter Packs, Multi-Packs, Limited Edition cards and collectable tins to help boost the experience for fans.

The Starter Pack (Collectors Binder, Poster, Pack of Cards & Limited Edition Yoda Cards) will cost you £4.99, Multipacks (4 different packs of cards – Obi-Wan & Luke, Anakin & Rey, Poe & Finn, Han & Chewie – and 2 Limited Edition Cards, four to collect) will cost you £3.99, and are available in Tesco, WH Smiths, most supermarkets and independent retailers.


Here is a list of when and where you can get the 20 limited edition cards;

Card No. Card Name Where On Sale
LE01 Master Yoda Starter Pack Now
LE02 Obi-Wan Kenobi Multi-Pack Now
LE03 Jedi Master Luke Skywalker Multi-Pack Now
LE04 Han Solo Multi-Pack Now
LE05 Chewbacca Multi-Pack Now
LE06 Anakin Skywalker Multi-Pack Now
LE07 Rey Multi-Pack Now
LE08 Poe Dameron Multi-Pack Now
LE09 Finn Multi-Pack Now
LE10 Captain Rex Tin Box 1 October
LE11 Darth Vader – ROTJ Tin Box 1 October
LE12 Darth Maul – TPM Tin Box 1 October
LE13 Captain Phasma Tin Box 2 October
LE14 General Grievous Tin Box 2 October
LE15 Kylo Ren Tin Box 2 October
LE16 Death Trooper Tin Box 3 October
LE17 Boba Fett Tin Box 3 October
LE18 The Emperor Tin Box 3 October
LE19 Anakin Skywalker vs Count Dooku MEGA Magazine October 10th
LE20 Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader LEGO® Star Wars Magazine (probably issue 40 in October) TBC


You can also get your hands on a free booster pack with the following magazines


Magazine Issue On Sale
LEGO® Ninjago – Free Booster Pack 41 September 5th
LEGO® Nexo – Free Booster Pack 29 September 12th
MEGA – Free Booster Pack 73 September 12th
LEGO® Ninjago – Free Booster Pack 42 October 3rd
LEGO® Nexo – Free Booster Pack 30 October 10th
MEGA – Free Booster Pack & LE19 74 October 10th
MEGA – Free Booster Pack 75 November 7th
MEGA – Free Booster Pack 76 December 12th